Website Services

What we do: our website services

Our main website services include website design, web development, and website maintenance, as well as search engine optimization. We create and maintain websites using WordPress, the most popular and flexible web platform. Using modern open-source technologies we create everything from landing pages to e-commerce solutions.

Website Design

Our website design process includes three important parts: business analysis, user interface design and graphic design. First of all, we get an understanding of your business processes and use that as a foundation for the user interface and graphic design ideas. Then we create a wireframe of the website to make it possible to discuss main ideas in detail. As this part of the process is finished we create the initial graphic design and then closely interact with you in an iterative process of graphic design perfection.

We are helping professionals and companies to find and create an individual business image and a unique web identity to stand out of crowd.

Web Development

We always use the most proven technologies for development.

We use the latest coding standards to make websites viewable on different devices from desktops to mobile phones.

We will use the most popular and reliable content management system (WordPress), or develop custom HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript solution.

Quality assurance. We use different tests to make sure your website is secure, compatible with different browsers/devices,  and runs fast with no errors.


SEO process begins as we begin website design. It is very important to create an optimized website structure. Search engine optimization continues during development of each page by using semantic coding and content improvements. When everything is ready we submit you website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Website Maintenance

Any business needs to have a professionally made website to present its services or products. However, it requires a lot of work to properly maintain a website, especially when many businesses don’t have an in-house webmaster. That’s why a lot of websites have outdated design and content, lack of new functionality and as a result lose competitiveness.

We understand that designing and developing modern websites for our clients is a hopeful start. But web life is far more complex. Website should be in a good shape all the time to be competitive. Almost every website needs design improvements, content updates, browser compatibility fixes, web server support and configuration, as well as new functionality and debugging.

We offer extremely flexible website maintenance plans to keep your sites entirely updated and protected.